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Public Comment

Rules of Professional Conduct

Seven proposed Rules of Professional Conduct address terminology, candor to a tribunal, communications with a represented persons and financial arrangements with non-lawyers, among others.

Rules of Procedure

The public comment period is extended for proposed amendments to the Rules of Procedure that seek to clarify language and streamline cases before the State Bar Court.

Law corporation rules

Proposed amendments to revised law corporation rules adopted by the board of governors in March would allow nonprofit public benefit corporations that meet statutory requirements to register with the State Bar as a law corporation.

Fee agreement forms

The Mandatory Fee Arbitration Committee proposes three revisions to the section of the Sample Written Fee Agreement forms entitled “Other Clauses of Interest in Fee Agreements.”

Unaccredited law schools

Rule 9.30 of the California Rules of Court dictates certain requirements for persons attempting to qualify for admission to practice law through their attendance at unaccredited law schools. A proposed revised rule would update the language to ensure it is compatible with other rules and procedures related to the oversight of unaccredited law schools in California and credit for law study obtained at such schools.

Immigration and nationality law

The Board of Legal Specialization proposes amendments to the Standards for Certification and Recertification in Immigration and Nationality Law that will allow attorneys who specialize in employment-based immigration to qualify for certification. 

JNE rules

Proposed amendments to the State Bar JNE rules focus on how a breach of confidentiality is addressed, broaden the composition of the review committee, add another standard for review of a not qualified rating, and alter the timeline for review of a not qualified rating.

Lawyer referral services

Proposed revised rules for lawyer referral services streamline the procedures for denial or continuation of certification but otherwise do not modify current requirements.