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Tani Cantil-SakauyeThe new chief justice rolls up her sleeves

Tani Cantil-Sakauye, California’s chief justice-elect, is primed to take on the administrative demands of the new job but says she’ll tread cautiously when it comes to the legal side, listening to and learning from her Supreme Court colleagues. The new top judge has a list of four key initatives, but says funding for court operations is the top priority.

Joseph DunnJoe Dunn takes on the State Bar’s top job

Former state Sen. Joe Dunn says the State Bar’s public protection efforts are of paramount importance and he will take advantage of his extensive legal, political and CEO experience in running the 230,000-member bar.

Lawyer dues are due Feb. 1

Bills for membership fees were mailed Dec. 1 to California lawyers. Active lawyers owe $410 and inactives must pay $125. Lawyers whose last names start with N-Z also must complete MCLE compliance by Feb. 1.

Get involved — volunteer for a State Bar committee

The State Bar is recruiting applicants for approximately 200 positions on more than three dozen committees, boards and commissions.

Stricter rules will govern the Commission on Judicial Nominees Evaluation

The board of governors approved amendments to four JNE rules, and will ask the legislature to add new rating — “not qualified at this time.”

Bar exam pass rate dips again

The pass rate for the July bar exam was down for the second year; 54.8 percent passed.