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An almost forgotten trailblazer gets her due

Clara Shortrighe FoltzOne hundred years after she helped women win the right to vote in California, Clara Shortridge Foltz, the state’s first woman lawyer, is the subject of a new book. Among her other accomplishments: she was California’s first female deputy district attorney, the founder of the public defender movement, and she tried cases when women were not allowed to serve on juries.

Trial court reform measure is shelved

The author of controversial legislation to scale back the Judicial Council’s hold over the California courts’ purse strings decides not to bring the measure up for a vote on the Assembly floor.

Presidential candidates hope for a quiet year

2011 Board of Governor candidatesA renewed focus on discipline, regrouping after turbulent times, diversity and technology are some of the issues raised by the candidates for 2011-2012 presidency of the State Bar.

Lawmakers revise proposals for bar governance reform

Sacramento lawmakers proposed amendments to the 2012 State Bar fee bill that will revamp how the bar is governed, but the proposals differ from the majority and minority reports sent to the legislature by a governance task force.

42.3 percent pass the February bar exam

If the successful test-takers satisfy other requirements for admission, the number of lawyers licensed to practice in California will exceed 230,000.

The “Tax Lady” gives up her license

“Tax Lady” Roni Deutch, facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit and contempt of court charges, submitted her resignation to the State Bar last month and is no longer eligible to practice law.