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MCLE audit shows most attorneys met requirements

MCLE illustrationA second yearly audit of how well attorneys complied with the State Bar’s Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) requirements showed they did better overall than in the previous year, a recent report showed. But a minority of lawyers still failed and now face possible disciplinary action.

Questions about MCLE

Can an out-of-state program qualify for MCLE? How do you file for an exemption from MCLE compliance? Where do you find an MCLE provider? Answers to these questions and more are detailed in this list of MCLE frequently asked questions.

Online MCLE tool planned for early 2013

Keeping track of MCLE credits is going to get a lot easier for members of the State Bar in early 2013. The bar is planning to launch an online tool that will track MCLE hours, including the name and type of program, when it was taken and number of credit hours.

MCLE Providers: Getting local

With the Feb. 1 deadline looming, local bar associations and law schools are offering attorneys last-minute opportunities to complete MCLE hours. Officials say going local is a good way to locate programs offering credits in ethics, substance abuse and elimination of bias.

Top 7 MCLE mistakes

State Bar members whose MCLE reports were audited made a series of mistakes that could have been avoided. Some of the most common include basic arithmetic errors and participating in programs that didn’t qualify for MCLE credit.

MCLE: What to do if you’re audited

With the State Bar stepping up its efforts monitor attorneys’ continuing education requirements, experts offer tips to help them avoid getting into trouble – and prevent problems from ballooning if they are audited.