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No link between clinical courses and law school expense, research shows

A law professor’s research bucks conventional wisdom and shows that adding expensive clinical courses to law school curriculum isn’t likely to force tuition hikes. Professor Robert Kuehn of Washington University School of Law presented his findings to a State Bar task force looking into new practical skills training requirements in California.

Client Security FundFund helps victims rebuild lives after an attorney’s theft

The State Bar’s Client Security Fund, which protects consumers by reimbursing for thefts committed by California lawyers, paid out a record $11 million in 2013. Find out why and read the stories of grateful consumers.

Kennard announces retirement from CA Supreme Court

Joyce KennardJustice Joyce L. Kennard will retire from the California Supreme Court on April 5, which is 25 years to the day after she was appointed by Gov. George Deukmejian. Her announcement triggered a flurry of media coverage. Read a roundup of stories.

Ethics symposium scheduled April 12

From defending a client accused of fraud like Bernie Madoff to navigating moral dilemmas that come up at trial, cutting-edge legal issues are at the forefront of this year’s State Bar Ethics Symposium.

Lawyer gets 2-year suspension for smuggling papers out of jail

A Berkeley defense attorney must surrender her law license for two years for smuggling documents out of jail on behalf of a defendant later convicted in the notorious murder of Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey.

Prosecutor with DUI convictions faces losing law license

A former prosecutor is on the verge of losing his law license for two years for multiple drunk driving convictions and trying to use his position to avoid arrest.

State Bar hires new general counsel

The State Bar welcomes a new general counsel to oversee the bar’s in-house law office. Thomas A. Miller brings with him 35 years of experience as a lawyer in the private sector and the U.S. Marine Corps.