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Legal community rails against budget cuts

Court Funding Rally San FranciscoSAN FRANCISCO – Former California Supreme Court Justice Carlos R. Moreno watched countless protests take place outside his office in Civic Center Plaza when he was on the court.  He never imagined that one day he’d be a participant, he said. But on April 18, Moreno and people from all corners of the legal community turned out by the hundreds on the steps of San Francisco City Hall to call for the restoration of trial court funding.

Key disbarment pending in foreclosure fraud investigation

Philip A. Kramer, a Calabasas attorney at the center of a national loan modification scam, agreed to be disbarred last month. Kramer, 52, admitted to numerous counts of misconduct including collection of illegal fees, failure to return advance fees and accepting employment in states where he was not licensed to practice law.

MCLE crunch: What to do if you’re audited

With the State Bar stepping up its efforts to ensure attorneys are meeting their continuing education requirements, experts offer a number of tips to avoid getting in trouble – and prevent problems from ballooning in the event of an audit.

Board shaped by election, new appointment

The composition of the State Bar Board of Trustees continues to shift with an upcoming election and the first of five appointments to the board by the California Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is accepting applications through June 1 from lawyers interested in serving as the court’s first-ever appointee to the board. The individual selected will take office at the State Bar Annual Meeting in October 2012. Meanwhile, five lawyers are running for two seats on the board.

Loose lips sink ships for attorneys in Trayvon Martin case

Diane KarpmanThe death of Trayvon Martin is a terrible tragedy. A couple months ago we considered media manipulation. It is ironic that this month we have two highly questionable press conferences by lawyers in the prosecution of Mr. Zimmerman, the shooter now accused of the second ­degree murder of Mr. Martin.

Happenings May 2012

The Orange County Bar Association recently closed escrow on its new home at 4101 Westerly Place in Newport Beach. When construction is complete, the OCBA will relocate to the new facility featuring onsite meeting space, open parking and new technology.

Sex with patients leads to disbarment for lawyer-dentist

A dentist whose license was revoked for having sex with his patients has now lost his law license as well. CRAIG DOUGLAS FOSTER [#179488], 61, of Haleiwa, Hawaii, was disbarred Feb. 4, 2012, and was ordered to comply with rule 9.20 of the California Rules of Court.