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Trials Digest
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Beet Harvester Fatality

Settlement: $1,037,500

Decedent, a husband and father of six adult children, was killed inside a beet harvester machine (Orejel De Rodriguez v. Ostercamp Farms, Imperial County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  James P. Carr, Tyler J. Barnett,  Michael P. Ehline).

Wrongful Death

Verdict: $26,953,170

Decedent construction worker was on top of a 30-foot-high temporary wall form panel when it collapsed, sending him to his death (Gonzalez v. Atlas Construction Supply Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court, plaintiff attorney:  Lars C. Johnson).

Subdural Hematoma

Verdict: Defense

Coumadin user claimed physicians failed to warn about drug interactions which allegedly resulted in a subdural hematoma and the need for a craniotomy (Standlee v. Scripps Clinic Medical Group Inc., San Diego County Superior Court, defense attorneys:  Robert A. Cosgrove, Jennifer Watson).

Elder Abuse

Settlement: $1,000,000

A 92-year-old resident of defendant's convalescent hospital alleged she developed an infected stage IV bed sore requiring  16 months of painful debridement procedures (Rose v. Berkeley East Convalescent Hospital, Los Angeles County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  John C. Taylor, Louanne Masry).

Electric Shock

Verdict: Defense

Plaintiff reportedly suffered an electric shock injury when he touched a showerhead in the bathroom of his residence; defendants denied negligence (Micciche v. City of Monrovia, Southern California Edison Co., Los Angeles County Superior Court, defense attorneys:  Robert J. Gokoo, Patricia A. Cirucci, Brian A. Cardoza).

Brain Injury

Settlement: $3,000,000

Steel beams fell on Lowe's customer's head as he and a store employee disassembled a floor model pergola; plaintiff suffered moderate traumatic brain injury (Nguyen v. Lowe's Companies Inc., San Diego County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  Pajman Jassim, Parisima Roshanzamir, Haytham Faraj, Nicholas C. Rowley).

Spinal Injuries

Settlement: $800,000

Plaintiff's vehicle was struck by a semi-tractor and trailer on the freeway; plaintiff allegedly suffered spinal injuries including mild compression fractures at T2-T3 (Chandra v. Chaney, Sacramento County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  Werner R. Meissner, Robert L. Meissner).

Fall From Ladder

Verdict: $5,263,486

Electrician fell approximately 15 feet from a ladder at construction site and suffered multiple substantial injuries to her back, knees and leg (Turner v. Sundt Construction Inc., Yuba County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys: Roger A. Dreyer, Christopher W. Wood).


Verdict: Defense

Septorhinoplasty patient alleged that defendant surgeon acted negligently causing a permanent loss of taste and smell, as well as continued difficulties with mental status, cognition, concentration and thought (Baybrook v. Mowlavi, Orange County Superior Court, defense attorney:  Terrence J. Schafer).

Plumbing Leaks

Settlement: $395,000

Homeowners experienced plumbing leaks in custom-built home; experts concluded the only effective solution was re-piping above ground (Gupta v. Strother Construction Company Inc., Riverside County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  Robert J. Gilliland Jr., Michael C. Knighten).


Vehicular Pursuit

Verdict: $1,378,000

A 17-year-old passenger died when the defendant driver of the vehicle attempted to flee a police pursuit; defendant driver found negligent, defendant police detective found reckless, and defendant city also found liable (Machado v. City of Providence, Rhode Island – Providence County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  John J. Barton, Matthew R. Plain).

Race Discrimination

Settlement: $650,000

A Hispanic male corrections officer asserted that his colleagues and supervisors subjected him to racial epithets, harassment and physical assaults (Maldonado v. State of Washington, Washington – Pierce County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  Nathan P. Roberts, Meaghan M. Driscoll).