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Eclectic career marks Loren Miller award winner

Gary BlasiGary Blasi never went to law school. But that didn’t stop him from building a resume that would make any aspiring poverty lawyer swoon. The UCLA Law School Professor’s work is being recognized with the 2013 Loren Miller Legal Services Award, which will be presented at the State Bar Annual Meeting.

The California Supreme Court’s 2012-13 term: Clearing away the underbrush

Clark KelsoLaw professor J. Clark Kelso analyzed the California Supreme Court’s last term and found that the court made some important corrections to earlier decisions. Among the brush-clearing cases were rulings concerning the fraud exception to the parol evidence rule, the common law release rule and the assumption of risk doctrine.

State Supreme Court to hear undocumented immigrant’s bid to practice law

The high court is about to hear oral arguments on whether an undocumented immigrant may be licensed to practice law.

State Bar Annual Meeting scheduled for Oct. 10 through 13 in San Jose

Attorneys interested in attending this year’s Annual Meeting in San Jose will have a new incentive to do so: cost savings.

Court upholds posting of bar exam pass rates

The State Bar can require California-accredited law schools to disclose information about bar exam pass rates of their graduates, a federal judge ruled last month.

International visit

International visitThe State Bar of California hosted the second meeting of the International Conference of Legal Regulators at its San Francisco offices last month. About 60 professionals from Australia, Africa, Asia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom debated the role of regulators in a globalized legal market.

Budget cuts jeopardize health of nation’s court systems

Ongoing budget cuts and a lack of affordable legal representation threaten to make access to justice an impossibility for the average person, a panel of sitting and retired state and federal court judges warned during a panel discussion at the American Bar Association’s annual meeting last month in San Francisco.

Updated legal guide for parents now available

As students head back to school, an updated version of the State Bar’s free “Kids & the Law: An A-to-Z Guide for Parents,” is now available for ordering.

Supreme Court names Miriam Krinsky and Hernán Vera to board of trustees

Miriam Krinsky and Hernán Vera, two Los-Angeles based lawyers who each have a track record of providing legal assistance to underrepresented communities, have been appointed to the State Bar Board of Trustees.